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Mobulas of Princess Alice - Pico Island - Azores The top of the Princess Alice seamount with Mobula tarapacana
Mobulas - Princess Alice


Imagine waters deeper than 1000 metres suddenly rising up to only 35 metres from the water surface. This is Princess Alice, a mid-Atlantic seamount 45 nautical miles (about 85 km) off our base on Pico Island (Azores).

Well renowned for the extraordinary Carousel of Mantas and Mobulas, Princess Alice is also inhabited by Jacks, huge Tunas, Barracudas and Sharks.

Difficulty of the dives: High
Minimum certification required: PADI AOWD or equivalent + 50 logged dives
Seasonality: July through mid-October

Mobula and remora The friendly mantas and mobulas of Princess Alice Bonito Dive with mantas at Princess Alice
Tuna Manta plays with bubbles Moray eel
" We have dived every ocean and Princess Alice is one of the most unforgettable experiences, definitely in the Top 5!!! It is ideal for those who are really in love with wildlife and adventure. Diving the Big Blue in transparent waters with 14 mantas was an absolutely intense, extraordinary and magic experience! "
(Jonathan V. & Caroline C. - Belgique)
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Mobula tarapacana
Photo by Justin Hart
Encounters with mobulas at Princess Alice seamount
Photo by Justin Hart


Departure is scheduled between 7am and 8am from our base in Madalena - island of Pico.
Getting to Princess Alice is a 2.5-hour cruise. Once there, our Team will prepare the dives which, due to the strong currents, are carried out on a descent line.

The mantas and mobulas will be swimming in a circle around the pinnacle situated at -30 metres, making it unnecessary to leave the place where we set anchor. Leaving the descent line can make you quickly find yourself in the blue, far away from the boat and the action.
Because of that, the descent line can only be left upon authorisation by our dive guides.

A standard trip to Princess Alice includes 2 dives.
Surface interval is spent on board for lunch and can be made more interesting by going for a snorkel.
Indeed, quite often the mantas and mobulas come up right to the surface!

With us, no one has ever got back disappointed from Princess Alice.
It is going to be a lifetime experience. Once back to land you will have big stories to tell for days on end and it is an adventure you will remember for life.
That's a promise - a very safe one to make!
CetaceanWatching PADI Dive Resort Diving is fun with CetaceanWatching PADI Dive Resort


There are so many of them and they are gigantic! They are the mobulas and mantas of Princess Alice!

Curious and sociable, they enjoy approaching the divers and play with their bubbles. To see them 'flying' in the Big Blue, right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, is a truly lifetime experience.

The species most frequently sighted are Mobula tarapacana and Manta birostris. The former is known as Devil fish in English and Jamanta in Portuguese.

Jewels of Princess Alice - filmato di Claudio Valerio
The Jewels of Princess Alice by Claudio Valerio The Jewels of Princess Alice
Professional underwater cinematographer Claudio Valerio joined us for a trip to Princess Alice and, not surprisingly, he got some amazing footage.

Mobulas with remoras
Picture by Justin Hart



Due to the long distance from shore, diving Princess Alice is strongly weather and sea dependent. This is why we advise you to spend at least 7 nights in Pico.

There is nothing to be worried about. You can book your trip to Princess Alice on top of a regular diving package and we will only charge you once the trip is confirmed.

For the rest of the week, there are lots of diving spots to explore around the island and, of course, watching the whales and swimming with the dolphins will keep you busy and happy!

The price for 2 dives at Princess Alice is 220 Euro/person.
It includes tanks, weights, weightbelt and dive guide (PADI Divemaster).

All participants are required to first undertake a check dive with us and should be certified to a minimum level equivalent to a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver. Furthermore, divers should have a minimum of 50 logged dives.


Do you want to learn more about diving Princess Alice and diving holidays with us?

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Discover with us the secrets of the Azorean waters!
We are the only PADI DIVE RESORT on the island of Pico.
Registration number: 799438

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