One should know, right? Yet many say they are, but sometimes it is just greenwashing.
While it may sound bizarre to wonder whether we are really an eco-friendly company, we believe asking oneself such question is the correct route towards real eco-friendliness.

These are some facts and it is up to you to decide whether it is enough for us to legitimately affirm we are an eco-friendly company.

We have a 100% clean record as for our behaviour around the animals and respect of the rules.

We give back to the animals by conducting conservation-oriented scientific research.

In our centre we carefully practise differentiated collection of waste.

In 2015 we stopped plastic water bottle supply and replaced it with a filtered-water dispenser, for our guests and staff to refill for free.

Every member of our team is given a stainless-steel bottle for personal use in the centre and on our vessels.

Every year we collect from the sea between 1 and 2 tonnes of waste between ghost nets, plastic bottles/boxes and lines.

Informing and educating our guests is an integral part of our work, from briefings preceding every single boat tour to the multi-lecture programmes we offer.

While respecting local history and culture, we do not sell any whale-derived handicrafts in our premises.