How we do Whale Watching in Pico

In 2007 we chose to be based in Pico because the so-called triangle (Pico, Faial, S. Jorge) featured and still features the highest abundance and diversity of cetaceans in the Azores.

No signs of decrease in population numbers or diversity of species of whales and dolphins have ever been reported, which is in itself an indication that the Whale Watching industry is operating here in a sustainable way.

  • The value of our boat tours is twofold
    Along with the obvious economic value for the community, the thousands of hours we spend at sea with the animals give us the opportunity to conduct conservation-oriented scientific research.
  • Life insurance for the marine fauna
    Only a fraction of your holiday budget goes to us. Think of your flights, accommodation, shopping, what you spend in restaurants and bars. Whales, dolphins and other marine life represent an important source of revenue for a much broader spectrum of companies and people than the actual inbound Whale Watching and Scuba Diving operators.
    Basically, the entire community benefits from the presence of the animals, making their economic value the equivalent of a life insurance.
  • We only operate small vessels - up to a maximum of 24 passengers on our biggest Whale Watching boat and just 12 passengers on the smallest. We believe this allows for a more intimate experience, for both humans and cetaceans.
  • None of our engines is diesel-fueled
    Petrol-fueled engines are much less noisier than their diesel counterparts.

Away from mass tourism

If the Azores in general can be considered a relatively secluded destination in Europe, Pico is most definitely a secluded, wild, nature-rich, traffic-poor getaway for those who want to avoid mass tourism destinations.

With no low-cost airlines or daily national/international flights currently reaching our island, we actually wish more people could reach us for a more equal distribution of tourists within the Azorean archipelago. Operators in Pico, Faial and S. Jorge could easily serve more customers, making their businesses helathier while still keeping tourism very sustainable and nature-friendly.

Giving back to the community

Along with employing a considerable proportion of local people (roughly 50%), CW Azores strives to give back to the local community doing the following:

  • Whale Watching tours for local schools at below-cost price
    Azorean kids should be the first to enjoy close encounters with their whales and dolphins. With such opportunity, they will grow with love and respect for our beloved friends cetaceans.
  • Incentivating sport
    We are a sponsor of the Candelaria Roller/Rink Hockey Team. Imagine a tiny village on an island lost in the mid-Atlantic, having a Hockey team with a glorious past and a bright future thank to the young generations. We have chills just writing about it!
  • Snorkel for Dogs
    We support the not-for-profit organisation Pico Dogs by organising very special Snokelling Tours. By giving Pico Dogs 50% of the proceeds, we contribute to the success of their neutering campaigns (which are free for dog/cat owners with limited means) and international adoption programme.