Whale Watching Statistics and Charts

Based on our Whale Watching sightings, by whale or dolphin species.

Pick the species you are interested in, then choose between two available views:

  1. Sighting frequency (default option)

    For each month, it is the proportion between the number of trips in which the species was sighted and the total number of trips that were run.

  2. Absolute number of sightings

    For each month, it is the absolute number of trips in which the species was sighted.
    In months where we run more trips (e.g. in the summer), this option may give you the illusion that a species is sighted more frequently than it is in reality.

Scientific name

Physeter macrocephalus

  • Common Name: Sperm whale
  • Suborder: Odontoceti
  • Family: Physeteridae
  • Has Dorsal Fin? No
  • Minimum Adult Length: 11.00 m
  • Maximum Adult Length: 18.00 m
  • Minimum Adult Weight: 20.00 t
  • Maximum Adult Weight: 50.00 t
  • Which Hemisphere? Both

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