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Snorkelling Tours


Snorkelling is an easy and fun way to be introduced to the underwater world, that allows you to experience the seascapes and wildlife our ocean has to offer without the need of a scuba certification.

Since we are based in the town of Madalena, on the north-western corner of Pico Island, by joining CW Azores you will be able to explore the coastline and waters of both Pico and Faial, along with the stunning Marine Protected Area known as Ilheus da Madalena (Islets of Madalena), two pictoresque rocks that represent the last emerged part of an underwater crater.

The "Ilheus" are a 5-minute boat ride from our base, which makes our location unparalleled.

Encounter with a Loggerhead turtle
Our Snorkelling Instructor Mona encounters a Loggerhead turtle


Our snorkelling instructor Mona Schouten came all the way from Cape Town, South Africa, to join our team here in the Azores.

From running snorkel courses for all ages, shapes and sizes to guiding snorkeling tours by boat or around the coast, with Mona you can be assured that you will be in safe hands and in for a fun adventure!

Furthermore, working on your snorkelling abilities can greatly improve your experience when joining our swim with the dolphins tours!

Coda the Newfie with Nilo the kid
Coda the Newfie with Nilo the kid!


  • Snorkelling gear is included in price (wetsuit, fins, mask, snorkel)
  • Transportation is included for snorkelling sites that are accessed by shore.
  • After snorkelling, you will be welcome to have refreshments for free in our centre.
  • All snorkelling tours are preceded by a briefing and are paced to allow plenty of time to enjoy the experience.
Snorkelling Pico Island
Snorkelling Pico Island with our instructor Mona Schouten


Known as one of the best dive sites in the world, Princess Alice is a seamount located about 70km from the south coast of Pico Island - an adventure in itself!

Princess Alice is known for its wonderful carousel of mobulas and the presence of other big fish such as tuna, wahoo, jacks and barracudas.

We do allow snorkellers to join our Princess Alice Expeditions, under the guidance of our snorkelling guide. There you will be able to enjoy what is universally deemed as one of the best spectacles of nature.

See more pictures of Princess Alice...

Snorkelling with mobulas at Princess Alice
Snorkelling with giant Mobulas at Princess Alice seamount

What are you waiting for? Join one of our snorkelling adventures!

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Live Updates

by CW Azores

  • Welcome to the CW Azores Live dashboard!
  • Here you will see real-time whale and dolphin 🐳🐬 sighting updates from our boats, along with other interesting insights 😉
  • Using environmental DNA (eDNA) to monitor biodiversity in the North-East Atlantic and Mediterranean. CW Azores is an official partner of the project. Learn more...
    Our boat Kometa left port at 2024-7-19 1:33 PM (UTC Time) for a Whale Watching tour.
    Species seen so far:
    Atlantic spotted dolphin
    Sei whale
    The Live button will pulse each time a new sighting is recorded by our crew.
    Our boat BWA left port at 2024-7-19 1:56 PM (UTC Time) for a Swim with Dolphins tour.
    Species seen so far:
    Atlantic spotted dolphin
    Common bottlenose dolphin
    The Live button will pulse each time a new sighting is recorded by our crew.