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Sperm Whale (Physeter macrocephalus)
Photo taken by George Karbus


In the Autonomous Region of the Azores the possibility of entering the water with the whales is very strictly regulated and requires a special permit.
Authorisation is provided by the local authorities and is usually only granted to audio-visual professionals and scientists.

Applications are best supported by an official whale watching operator such as Cetacean Watching Lda. Our support minimises the risk of having an application rejected whilst maximising the chance of success in the water with the least inconvenience to the whales and everybody else.

We provide professional teams with the highest standard of logistical support. Moreover with the outstanding experience of our skipper Michael Costa we can provide an unrivalled chance of achieving a successful project.


Cetacean Watching Lda offers 360° support that can give your project the best chance of success. Our support includes:
  • Administration
    For formal application of special permits. We provide all the papers that you must complete and take care of relations with the local authorities throughout the application process.
  • Boats
    We operate 7.5m semi-rigid inflatable boats with state-of-the-art equipment for safety, navigation and finding whales including VHF, GPS, depth finder, directional hydrophones, and, of course, experienced personnel.
  • Vigias
    A network of land-based observers or 'Vigias' maintain a constant vigil for cetaceans throughout the day. Using radio contact with our boat they accurately direct us to the whales up to 20nm offshore.
  • Experience
    Our renowned Azorean skipper Michael Costa has spent more than 4000 hours working with professionals during his career.
  • Weather updates
    We have access to accurate forecasts 24h/day.
  • Transfers to/from the airport
  • Assistance throughout your stay
Fin whale, Bottlenose dolphins and... bait ball!
Photo taken by Jan Reyniers

The underwater pictures of whales on this page were taken under a permit granted by the Regional Directorate for the Environment of the Azores.
Sperm whale diving
Photo taken by Jan Reyniers

Sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus)
Photo taken by Jan Reyniers


  • A fair amount of time may be required to issue your permit (up to 4-6 weeks). We therefore strongly recommend that you plan your project well in advance.
  • Our quotations are based on the number of days you require.
  • We do not charge for boat trips cancelled due to adverse weather or sea conditions.
  • Boat trips usually last 6 hours but extra-time can be arranged if conditions suit.
Underwater encounters
Photo taken by George Karbus
Pico Landscape
Photo taken by Jan Reyniers

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information

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