Cetacean Watching Lda. (trading as CW Azores) was founded in 2007 by Enrico Villa, Dania Tesei and Michael Costa.

The Company in brief

CW Azores holds two Whale Watching licences (Licence N° 3/2008) and adheres to the Portuguese National Register of Travel and Tourism Agencies (RNAVT N° 7277).

VAT Number: PT 512101086

As an officially registered Travel and Tourism Agency, we contribute to a Guarantee Fund that protects our customers in case of insolvency, so that the money paid to us is as safe as it can be.

The CW Team with a couple of friends too!
The CW Team with a couple of friends too!


We will make you feel at home in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

We speak English, Portuguese, German, French and Italian.

More importantly, we love sharing unforgettable whale and dolphin encounters with our guests.

We will introduce you to the local culture

Half of the people in our team come from the Azores.

Michael Costa, our Head Skipper, is a company co-founder.

You will be surrounded by knowledgeable, experienced people

We are well educated and skilled. Every one of us knows exactly how to do the job.

We have met the whales and dolphins of the 5 continents; you are likely to enjoy some of our big stories and we promise you will have your own ones to tell back home.

We will share with you the care and respect for our beloved animal friends

You will of course learn a lot about cetaceans (this is how whales, dolphins and porpoises are collectively called).

The whales and dolphins are the only stars. And we can only think of one stage for them: Nature.

Vika the Newfie after her training
Vika the Newfie after her training
Filtering DNA out of whale faecal samples
Filtering DNA - Team member Ana Rita Rodrigues

Meet The Team

Live Updates

by CW Azores

  • Welcome to the CW Azores Live dashboard!
  • Here you will see real-time whale and dolphin 🐳🐬 sighting updates from our boats, along with other interesting insights 😉
  • Using environmental DNA (eDNA) to monitor biodiversity in the North-East Atlantic and Mediterranean. CW Azores is an official partner of the project. Learn more...