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Dania Tesei and Enrico Villa
Dania Tesei & Enrico Villa
Michael Costa
Michael Costa


Antero Soares Petra Szlama
Justin Hart Patrizia "Tita" Villa


  • We'll make you feel at home in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean
    We speak English, Portuguese, French and Italian. More important than that, we love sharing unforgettable whale and dolphin encounters with our guests.
  • We'll introduce you to the local culture
    Half of the people in our team come from the Azores. Michael Costa, our Head Skipper, is co-founder of our company.
  • You'll be surrounded by knowledgeable, experienced people
    We are well educated and skilled. Every one of us knows exactly how to do the job. We have met the whales and dolphins of the 5 continents; you are likely to enjoy some of our big stories and we promise you will have your own ones to tell back home. You will of course learn a lot about cetaceans (this is how whales, dolphins and porpoises are collectively called).
  • We'll share with you the care and respect for our beloved animal friends
    The whales and dolphins are the only stars. And we can only think of one stage for them: Nature.
At sea


  • Dania Tesei Dania Tesei
    Dania has a Master's Degree in Chemistry and, with Enrico Villa and Michael Costa, she is co-founder of CW Azores.
    Dania is a PADI certified diver and has obtained an offshore boating licence that includes a sailing qualification.
  • Enrico Villa Enrico Villa
    Enrico has a Master's Degree in Chemistry and is co-founder of CW Azores together with Dania Tesei and Michael Costa.
    He is a PADI certified diver and has obtained an offshore boating license that also qualifies him for sailing.
    Enrico coordinates both scientific research and the educational aspects of Whale Watching at CW Azores. He strives to raise awareness and support wildlife conservation through his articles, public talks, radio interviews and contribution to wildlife documentaries.
  • Michael Costa Michael Costa
    Our experienced Azorean skipper Michael is much appreciated by both people and cetaceans for his skills manoeuvring the boat when approaching the animals. Every year hundreds of tourists, as well as many film crews and professional photographers value his genius for this job. Michael is a co-founder of CW Azores along with Dania and Enrico.
  • Justin Hart Justin Hart
    Justin has degrees in both behavioural ecology and geology.
    He has more than 15 years experience in wildlife research and has a passion for marine life, especially seabirds. He studies the breeding success and movements of the local Cory's shearwater. Justin is also a qualified diver and skipper. Certified in commercial scuba and as a PADI divemaster, he has extensive experience of our coastal dive sites. His work and interests include wildlife photography and illustration.
  • Petra Szlama Petra Szlama
    Petra is a Skipper and her interests include photography, cetaceans and trekking.
    Thanks to her presence, CW Azores has added German to its repertoire of languages.
    Petra also has an artistic flair. She is the painter of the "CW Azores" mural that can be seen by all who enter the port of Madalena.
    Petra is from Austria and is a Dietician.
  • Patrizia Villa Patrizia Villa
    If Patrizia's interest in tourism has its roots in her High School studies, her love for nature is written in her DNA.
    You will appreciate her support and kindness throughout your stay.
  • Arne Wichmann Arne Wichmann
    Arne is from Germany and has a Master's Degree in Biology.
    Arne works at CW Azores as a biologist, skipper and divemaster, contributing to our research projects and also focusing strongly on the educational value of Whale Watching.
  • Leonildo Leal Leonildo Leal
    Leonildo was born in Pico and the ocean played a crucial role in his life since he was a child.
    He is now an excellent skipper and knows all one needs to know about boats and engines.
    Leonildo's experience and kindness will make you boat trips fun and safe.
  • Martijn Schouten Martijn Schouten
    From the Netherlands, Martijn is a PADI Divemaster and, while still very young, he has already dived with all the most charismatic sharks you can think of.
    Martijn's motto is "safety and fun!".
  • João Ferraria João Ferraria
    Before joining us in 2011, João has long worked in mainland Portugal as a PADI Dive Instructor.
    He also contributed to many scientific projects and educational programmes.
    At CW Azores he both teaches diving courses and guides our guests underwater.
  • Fábio Leitão Fábio Leitão
    Born in the Azores, Fábio is a marine biologist, skipper and PADI Dive Instructor.
    Good skills, experience and a genuine interest in environmental sciences, ecology and biodiversity make Fábio a very knowledgeable guide for both Whale Watching tours and scuba dives.
  • Cristina Santos Cristina Santos
    Cristina was born in Pico. She is a skipper with a talent for communication and a very good knowledge about whales and dolphins.
    By training, Cristina has a degree in Physical Education and she is an expert of first aid techniques, which she has learned and practised for more a decade as a volunteer Firefighter in Madalena.
    For the joy and satisfaction of our guests, Cristina is an exceptional spotter.
  • Antero Soares Antero Soares
    His name is legend. His only weapons are the binoculars and the radio. From his little tower, called "Vigia", Antero spots both whales and dolphins and guides our boats to the animals.
    You will hear his unmistakable voice everytime you join one of our whale watching or dolphin swimming trips.
    Thanks to Antero our boat trips have a success rate greater than 97%.
  • Sara Rezk Sara Rezk
    Sara discovered the world of cetaceans while very young and has an incredible propension to communicate with people.
    By assisting kids during our Swim with Dolphins trips she is making many dreams come true and she is dramatically enhancing the experience of our guests.

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