Choose the safest possible destination for your holiday

According to European Best Destinations, in 2021 the Azores are among Europe's safest destinations.

Peace of mind for everybody

In the Azores, thank to the implementation of strict safety practices and the requirements that all visitors entering the Autonomous Region of the Azores must test negative to SARS-CoV-2, the spread of the new Coronavirus has always been under control and even more so on Pico Island, where shops are open and so are bars and restaurants, both for lunch and dinner.

Get tested and fully enjoy your holiday

What you need to come to Pico is a negative RT-PCR (molecular) test.

At the moment, you have to show a negative RT-PCR test (in paper or digital) before boarding. Also, such test for SARS-CoV-2 must be performed in the 72 hours before the departure of your flight and should be still valid when landing in Pico.

In our opinion, it is best if you get your test done in your country. However, as a second option, you could get tested for free in mainland Portugal before you fly to the Azores.
You can access the list of affiliated laboratories here.

For stays longer than a week, a second test is required on the 6th day since your first test. Again, the test is free of charge and there will be no need to wait for test result to carry on with your activities.

For stays of two weeks or longer, a third test is required on the 12th day. Once again, such test is free of charge.

Follow the Traveller Links to access the latest official resources published by the Government of the Azores and Azores Airlines.

Discover our friendly "Covid-19" cancellation policies

For your peace of mind, we relaxed our cancellation policies to make your travelling hassle free. Learn more...

Our Whale Watching and Scuba Diving season 2020: fun and safety

After the 2020 spring lockdown, things quickly started to get back to normal in Pico and in the summer we were back to our usual, amazing Whale Watching, Swim with Dolphins and Scuba Diving activities.
The stunning marine life we enjoy in Pico never disappoints and, once again, we succeded in making our guests happy while keeping a strong focus on their safety and our own.

Our safety rules and measures

Mask usage is compulsory for staff and guests.

Alcohol-based hand rub is available throughout our centre.

New check-in system for our boat tours, so that use of paper is limited.

Online and contactless payment options are available to our customers.

Centre, boats and land vehicles are regularly sanitised.

The fully tested protocol and measures the Azores have put in place since 2020 showed us and our guests that a holiday in a very safe place is a 100% viable option, ever more enjoyable as it is governed by rules that protect both the local population and the tourists.

Join us in Pico. We are absolutely ready to welcome you!